As much as I luv to consider imagined utopias, outlandish world-making, counter-publics convened and invisible levers activating the cogs of gregarious new forms... I like to work in concrete spaces. residency.project explains how I exercise hospitality and experiment by hosting friends, peers and colleagues in everyday life, yet conjured through my art practice. 

When I join the board of an artist residency or advise an art project, I like to get my hands dirty. Lanchonete.org is my big baby. I mean this is the concrete 'site' I care most about. I am presently focused on Guapamacátaro Center for Art and Ecology outside of Michoacan (Mexico); São João Farm Residency in Rio State (Brasil); the historic Westbeth Artist Community (and an artist safety hosting prototype) in NYC's West Village; and the Atelier Moustapha Dime on Gorée Island off the coast of Dakar. 

I am helping to develop a safe /art space in Khartoum (Sudan), where I previously had the honor of working to safeguard Gadalla Gubara's archive and the first independent film studio in Sudan. And, getting to help my pal, Adham Bakry on his popular heritage museum in Port Said (Egypt).