Collaboration is a process, a humbling process. After a few years of trying out some different models working together, I'm trying to explain what I've come to understand. In the 2018-2020 period, I've changed how I participate in things. It has been an interesting transition. I have documented it. 


I've incorporated some new methods in my current project, Luv 'til it Hurts, and specifically in the way I've demarcated its timeline by years and acts


In Together: The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Cooperation, Richard Sennett "contends that cooperation is a craft, and the foundations for skillful cooperation lie in learning to listen well and discuss rather than debate." Sennett inspired me in person by the way he handled an audience remark at the Municipal Art Society Summit. Once at a meeting of The Committee on Global Thought (what a name?) at Columbia University, I approached him and he was curt with me. So, instead I approached his partner, Saskia Sassen (who is actually 'on' the committee:) at the dais after she closed the day, and landed myself a dinner invite to their Washington Square apartment that night. I must have primped something fierce before heading out. Richard played the piano.