In a previous lifetime my boyfriend and I were going to Mexico on vacation. We broke up and I decided to go anyway. I stayed at Casa Hankili, a residency run by an old friend, Khoulsy Lamko in the Zocalo. Out strolling and I had a taco. I saw El Mejor Karate in the used book stall area of the center. I leaned over to look at the book, my spine out of the way and the bottom fell out. Damn taco! Thankfully I had another shirt I could wrap around my waste in order to waddle back to the apartment, armed only with a cold comfort that everyone shits their pants at some point. 


Fast forward to March 2019--almost halfway through the LUV project--when I made a trip to Egypt to visit artist Adham Bakry; brainstorm my project with a close friend; and get to know Port Said where he’s a community organizer. Bakry is a photographer, architect, and serious street artist as well. As we discussed the joy of tagging and stenciling, Adham began (design) interviewing me for my first sticker: What would my nom de plume / guerre be? And other data for the final design ... 


It's a lightbulb sorta smushed down, and wearing a Mexican luchador mask. The words are an arabesque font that Adham created, and there's a little hidden message somewhere. There are 500 of these stickers in the world with the first stuck just outside the French cultural center in Mounira (Cairo), where I used their printshop. Brasilian artist Gustavo Marcasse designed the next version of El Mejor Karate with a fox and snake.