El Mejor Karate is at least a couple more things. I think I already mention that it is a project of sorts. About 5/6 years ago, my boyfriend and I were going to Mexico on vacation. We broke up and he cancelled and I went anyways. I stayed at Casa Hankili, a residency run by an old friend, Khoulsy Lamko in the Zocalo. I was out strolling and had a taco. I looked at old books in the book area (shoppes and outdoor stalls), and I saw this edition, El Mejor Karate. I liked the design, image and the 'ring' of it. At another stall close by I leaned over to look at a book at the far side of the table, and I shit my pants. Like my spine moved to new position, and the bottom fell out. Damn taco! I thankfully had another shirt that I could wrap around my waste in order to waddle back home. I imagine that everyone shits their pants sometime in public. It's a humbling but universal sort of thing. Like no one is gonna refuse you a toilet at this point. The two incidents grew together in my mind over the years: noticing El Mejor Karate and shitting my pants.


Fast forward to March 2019, almost halfway through the LUV project, I make a trip to Port Said (Egypt) to visit a friend, Adham Bakry: get some help on my project, and offer some ideas to his. We worked on many things those couple weeks. Bakry is a serious street artist. Something got us talking about the joy of making and changing things on the street. And, before I knew it Adham was design-interviewing me for my first sticker. What would my nom de plume /tag-name be? And other data for the final design ... 


It's a lightbulb sorta smushed down, and wearing a Mexican luchador mask. The words are an arabesque font that Adham came up with, and there's a little hidden message somewhere. I stuck the first one just down the street from the French cultural center in Mounira (Cairo), where I used their public printshop. There are 500 of these stickers in the world. And then, El Mejor Karate will look like something else.