O Malandro, stanza 2

I don’t know if you will ask. I think you think you are not supposed to. 

I don’t think I will be ready when you do. But I will have this link. I will have it at the ready. 

I’m not sure I will give it to you. 

I may need this place to myself.

For now...

I have a bias

I am turned off by crystal meth usage. I happen to have a view on its devastation: it is from being in (or sometimes in) the urban gay community of NYC. It is from being from the rural south where de-industrialization leads to unemployment. Leads to knew forms of commerce. Leads to backyard ‘stills’ and cooking labs ...

O Malandro, stanza 1

I will tell you my regrets as soon as I have them. You have no choice. It is our pact.

O malandro.

You will think I’m spinning in place

But I will be backing up and kicking up dirt with one foot

A track runner ...

The brush of the mugger


I regret not doing something, not perhaps hugging the younger of the thieves who smiled up at me when he saw the look of alarm on my face. As I felt for my iPhone Xr and realized the second one this year (fucking São Paulo) had been nabbed ...