O Malandro, stanza 2

I don’t know if you will ask. I think you think you are not supposed to. 


I don’t think I will be ready when you do. But I will have this link. I will have it at the ready. 


I’m not sure I will give it to you. 


I may need this place to myself.


For now.


I wonder if you needed me more than I needed you. It had been about the same amount of time.


I wonder why we fucked like that. Both times. 


It was light out. But not really. There were stars. This time. 


I had to see 


And then be seen. 


I was uncomfortable on both accounts. 


I tried to save face, and you pushed harder. 


He was sweet (looking).


They both were. All of them.


It was hard to look into home's prying eyes. Because they saw the place you left empty.      


I never looked into that other guy’s ... that other night. 


Because I never opened mine.


It’s not about you … you know?


Or not only about you. 


Ever since I noticed I was keeping my eyes closed in the day,


I’ve been trying to figure out how to pry them open.


O malandro … by any means necessary.

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