Oxygen is depleted in Manaus


The Brasilian air force will arrive today and Venezuela has offered to help. Media noise blames Japanese visitors for bringing the new strain to Amazonas. My South African Grindr pal has given me his husbands psychiatrist contact .. she both does therapy and prescribes. If she is at all humorous I’ll ask her to consider ketamine in my daily regimen, which I hear is common in the US. George and I pre-honeymooned in Manaus, arriving by a boat traveling upstream. Artist groups were occupying FUNARTE buildings all over Brasil in opposition to Temer, and Manaus was no exception. Last night George and I watched ‘Antes o Tempo Não Acabava”, de Sérgio Andrade e Fábio Baldo. Wow. Must see. In an email to bob wilson I shared an idea that I had in Manaus, and in another I excused a long delay in response saying I had been engineering my first k-hole. In truth it was Manauara who helped this happened. She traded me a key-full of her friend’s K for their drinks at a DANDO party. I sniffed it in and got up for the drinks—three Heinekens in glass bottles—at the nearby bar. I told the nearly nude bartender what I’d done and to please watch me back across ... he and another took my arms and guided me the rest of the way; drinks were taken and I was nestled in Manuara’s lap on a cushioned pallet surrounded by friendly night people. She said to me as I fell into the hole deeper: I’m black, I’m indigenous, I’m sexworker, I’m trans, I’m Manaura. On wiki ‘manuara’ means to be native of Manaus and is commonly used for both genders. I like Manaura. She has a crush on me. I walked her home one nite from Ingrejinha to Roosevelt and we kissed. Rodraggy put a spoon of coke to my nose seeing that I was spiraling deeper. I thank them both (and the DANDO boys) whenever we cross paths. Again, Manaus is out of oxygen.