Produções Pão com Ovo is an imaginary concern registered nowhere except here and on Facebook. As a fake company PPcO designed and distributed wearable hearts during the 2019 São Paulo AIDS Walk as well as a line of scarves with the same Senegalese fabric. 


Egged on by its success portraying the capital of Mato Grosso, Cuiabá as a huddle of queer protagonists in the eponymous zine by PogoLand and George Ferraz, PPcO unearthed a long-lost compendium of Yanka News issues for Textão at the Museu da Diversidade Sexual in São Paulo both for the expanded Cidade Queer cycle.


Along with friend-space, esponja, PPcO co-hosted ballroom legend, Monster LaBeija for a dance and fashion intervention during the 2019 São Paulo carnaval. Produções Pão com Ovo has a lot in common with El Mejor Karate, and is in cahoots with PogoLand again for the LUV Fund$ scheme.