Atualizado: 28 de abr. de 2021

Samuel Delany, I really really like your book, ‘Times Square Red, Times Square Blue’. I like it for lots of reasons. Here’s a cool one that just came to mind. I just watched the new Bitcoin documentary on Netflix. I want to know more about crypto currencies. Who shall I ask? Each year I go to an awards ceremony in the Netherlands. I tell my friends sometimes the story of meeting the man in this article at a sauna. I’ve touched those implants in fact. On my most recent trip to Amsterdam, I went to a different bar close to the same area, and noticed the same guy. Well, we actually chatted again and I deduced he didn’t remember me. This story is not about access as I feel certain I can find him when I want to have a Bitcoin tutorial.

He flirted with me and made sexual overtures. I wasn’t into it, so I didn’t tell him we already knew each other. He felt comfortable as some of the regulars were there and chatting in the smoking box. He seems to have made it rich from Bitcoin by now. All the more reason to ask him for tips the next time we meet.


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If one goes to the same club or hangout frequently over a long enough period of time, it stands to reason that we may notice a change and even have an authority opinion on its state of affairs. Words

In the context of HIV/AIDS, continuum of care means different things. In the US it begins with ‘testing’ and in Brasil starts with ‘promotion’ (of prevention information and testing services). Pretty

I chickened out. The fancy restaurant in Sta. Teresa was the perfect place to give George the ring, but instead I slipped it to him in the dark of the overnight bus ride home from Rio to São Paulo. I