doing things out of order

I try to walk around the older woman. She sees a break in the traffic on Humaitá and cuts in front of me with a few inches to spare. I can laugh at the frustration that attempted to mount. Failing to gain momentum. It’s a sunny day and one buff guy is measuring another’s bicep with a tape measure while a woman looks on. In front of the gym. Viaduto Jacequai is approaching. Passing under, Teatro Oficina will appear on the right, and I am on one end of Abolação, walking up hill to the Center. Pineapples are three for ten Reais out of the hatchback with a megaphone center mounted on its hood.

It would have been a good day to write yesterday, but I did things out of order.

Today, a little girl asked me to ride the elevator to the 12th floor with her at Conjunto Santos Dumont (Demoizelle). She didn’t like being alone in the elevator. Her name was Mickaela. I was going to the 10th floor, but I got to do things out of order, chatting with Mickaela. She reminded me that my name is also the name of the chocolate drink that all Brasilian kids enjoy. Toddy or Toddhinho. Yes, Mickaela, I know. Have a nice weekend.

Santos Dumont was an airplane inventor. Rio de Janeiro’s airport is also named after him. It is not yet clear to me why Alon Kogan named the three buildings on Rua Paim Conjunto Santos Dumont nor why each are nicknamed after his airplanes: 14 Bis, Demoizelle, Caravelli. The bar sits at the base of 14 Bis. I get the bar’s rent from Tarcisio in order to pay Ka-Ka rent on the apartment in Demoizelle. I take the French couple their laundry and meet Mickaela in the elevator. Who taught her to trust strangers? To tell adults what she needed and then engage them in conversation? She was enchanting.

Ka-Ka takes his job very seriously. I see why Pedro trusts him.

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