the price of cashews

Gentrification is when cashews can cost twice as much at a new — freshly designed — shoppe across the street from the Northeastern ‘point’, a shoppe in the interior road of Conjunto Santos Dumont. We know what gentrification is. We must also consider how to ask the phenomenon (of differential purchasing power) to leave space for other differences. To perhaps respect things outside the domain of capital. Culture is too simple a word for this framework, and class can always be used derogatorily.

They say that the Mozambican military commander, politician and revolutionary, Samora Moisés Machel used cashews as currency to fund the revolution. Plane loads of them. Sometime after his death, his widow, Graça Machel married Mandela. It is rumored that Mugabe also fancied her. Winnie Mandela, his first wife, passed away last week.

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