night out in são paulo (note to marina)

Atualizado: 29 de abr. de 2021

Lulu and I agree that Jerome is a bit snobby. Lulu and I perhaps like trashier clubs. Saturday I only waved at Lulu across the crowd at Zig, and then saw her later getting into an Uber. She wore elegant bunny ears that matched her short black dress.

George likes Jerome; therefore I like Jerome. There is another reason, and it is you, Marina. You rock! Last week we went to Rio for new years. At the B&B there was a photo book of people and places in both São Paulo and Rio: society. There was a picture of you (left hand side of image) in the SP section. George recited your name excitedly.

Saturday was great. We didn’t stay until the end. That was the deal. George and I like different types of clubs, so we often go out separately. We wanted to dance together, so we decided to go to Jerome first and Mamba Negra after. It was too crowded, so we went to Zig instead.

There was one moment when ours eyes caught, or at least I think. The dance floor is small. You seemed sad and then about the time you took your shirt off, it was as if you had a fun idea. Or maybe your ‘bala’ kicked in when I thought you saw me, or vice versa. My point is, it worked. You are fashion … and the night. Your smirk is mesmerizing. I understand why you are the temple.

Thank you, Marina.


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