let me see if i get this right

Upon pitching a publishing idea you have offered me a range of excuses and feigned offence in the end.

Let me see if I get this right. Reflecting on three restaurant encounters:

  • Dinner party after the show in Harlem at the restaurant next to the famous one. You are not the center of attention. You send your meal back three times and berate the waiter to the point that you are the center of attention.

  • My birthday brunch before we drove to the Watermill Center for the ArteEast event. You order a dish with meat and then berate the server for not knowing you’re a vegetarian.

  • We meet for lunch near the college where you adjunct, and you tell me after we eat that you need to borrow lunch money.

I wonder if it is more curious that I remember or the phenomenon it points to?

… something guised as noblesse oblige, but what is it boss man?

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