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Speculative criticism is a true, present fiction, but for the nearer future than speculative fiction.

A writing colleague, Ismar advises me to write in the way I joke and jab at characters and topics verbally in our conversations about writing. The oscillating tone he picked up on at first in a poetry workshop when I read my timed writing assignments aloud, an interior sotto voce that can only be amplified--in polite society--after asking 'may I share my humble opinion?'

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Upon pitching a publishing idea you have offered me a range of excuses and feigned offence in the end. Let me see if I get this right. Reflecting on three restaurant encounters: Dinner party after the

I haven’t hit ‘publish’ on number forty-three because I can intuit repercussions for what I want to say. Even if I think I’ve pieced together some writing that matters beyond the underlying jab, under

George had his day off today. I work at home. On two occasions I was bugging him because he was bugging me. Both times he brushed me off with the command, vai escrever. Go write. I think he knows that