I good project will eventually need to be set free.

A friend of mine, Gaby Kemzo Malou sees himself as a porteur du projet that includes his sculpture and visual art practice; developing an art space in his hometown (Ziguinchor); and care-taking the studio of his former teacher, Moustapha Dime on Gorée Island. A simple idea that what we do in life is our 'project' resonates with me. At the same time, a 'project' can be a waste of time or the testing ground for an urgent new form. 


ArtistSafety.net (formerly freeDimensional and Creative Resistance Fund)


Luv 'til it Hurts


are all three durational, rights-focused, multi-stakeholder 'projects'. The NYC Artist Safety Prototype is a project within ArtistSafety.net. 


Cidade Queer

Episódio Haiti

Zona da Mata  


are projects (or inquiries) that took place 'within' Lanchonete.org. And, the LUV Game is a project (or act) within Luv 'til it Hurts. 


El Mejor Karate is a writing project. Produções Pão com Ovo is a fake business, which is a little different than a project.