Somehow I find myself presently living in a few places, namely between São Paulo and NYC. For almost 20 years, hosting and hospitality have been a part of my artistic practice, through projects like freeDimensional, the NYC Artist Safety PrototypeLanchonete.orgHost-an-Occupier, a decade of annual Wasan Island meetings, and once upon a time a Winter Camp hosted by the Institute of Network Cultures, etc. 


A friend Anat Litwin (founder of the HomeBase Project) came up with a concept on 'artistic hosting', which she recently brought to test out with Lanchonete.org in São Paulo during a short research residency. And, with the Danish collective (and partner on Host-an-Occupier), Wooloo, I recently got to try out their new project Human Hotel for a stay in Venice. And, my new project Luv 'til it Hurts will try a special intervention in partnership with Human Hotel during the HIV2020 meeting in Mexico City.


When passing through Berlin once, I stayed at the collectively-run Berlin Office (not sure it still exists), which I'm sure gave me an idea that is now shaking loose. I'm lucky to have a place to stay in both NYC and São Paulo, and like to share space with other artists when I can. Let me know if you need a place to stay.